With the tremendous help and guidance of Garfield Griffiths, CMC as an OCR property was relaunched in 2016 and had a very successful event in Brooklyn, NY at Ft. Hamilton US Army Garrison.  There CMC showcased its unique combination of The Pit and its version of the military-inspired obstacle course race.  We successfully held the first CMC Pro and CMC Kids races and the overall experience was lauded by all participants.  Additionally, CMC with the help of Coach Payne and Amelia Boone filmed a show, highlighting the race, the participants and the venue.  The show was aired on SNY multiple times in October of 2016 and was cheered for its production and entertainment quality.


As we look forward, we are attempting to bring CMC and its unique experience for avid and novice racers to more fans.  We expect to be part of a national event platform of differentiated content, teaming up with strategic partners and venues looking to provide Millennials and GenXers with differentiated content under the umbrella of experiential entertainment.  We do not know whether we will be successful but we are working with several potential partners to attempt to do so.  


In the interim we want to thank our fans, sponsors and partners for the amazing support shown to CMC through the years!  As well, we wanted to thank Garfield for his unparalleled contributions to CMC and are excited to see him to make use of his talents and pursue opportunities in the OCR industry.


To all ticket purchasers, CMC will begin processing full returns, as we did in 2015, so look out for the same or emails looking for further contact information. 


Lastly, we leave you all with this.  Please remember to pause today to reflect on our nations heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country and all that is stands for.  Since our inception, CMC has tried to bring attention to not only those heroes but the ones who continue to serve and their families and supporters and we hope you all continue to support them.  God Bless America!