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Civilian Military Combine will be in the heart of Manhattan for Fleet Week Festivities! Tune in to Fox & Friends — America’s top-rated cable morning news show — this Thursday 5/26 from 6-9am and ‪Saturday 5/28 from 6-10am. Watch as Fox & Friends hosts & anchors along with military personnel from the navy, marines & coast guard plus first responders and race fans tackle a mini CMC obstacle course race live on the air. The authentic

The PIT Alpha Division Demonstration- The Box Jump DESCRIPTION Start the box jump by quickly getting into a quarter squat while hinging at the hips to engage the hamstrings and glutes. Then, forcefully extend your hips, swing your arms and push your feet though the floor to propel yourself onto the box. When landing, aim to land in a quarter squat with your chest, head and eyes up. Stand tall with

So here is next satisfying recipe for all you egg enthusiasts. Don’t worry it’s a quick bit. You will need: 1 Boiled Egg 1 Tomato (you can use more if you would like) ½ Red or Green Pepper (or Both) 1 Onion Pita Bread Skewer Grill Cut the tomato, peppers, onions and pita bread however you like, I normally cut them into large chucks. Take your boiled egg and cut it

The new installment of our Tip Tuesday Blog is all about the hunting Burpee and how to master it. Brian Vagnini the Co-Owner CrossFit 13 Stars and CMC’s CrossFit Coach has a full breakdown for you! DESCRIPTION A burpee is performed by laying flat with your chest and thighs to the ground and your hands by your shoulders in a push-up position. From the bottom you will get yourself back

As an Obstacle Course Racer, it is more than a goal to achieve top results…it is a journey, a conquest if you will. Since 2012, I have only looked to improve and become one of the top athletes in the business. Although I am still striving to get there, my abilities have flourished each time my training regiment moves to the next level. As my training has become more challenging,

Introducing CMC’s Tip Tuesday Blog, where we plan to help you master all the exercises in The PITTM and on the course. This first post includes a full demonstration of CMC’s Alpha division. We have three divisions you can choose from, Alpha, Bravo or Charlie based on your fitness level. Each division consists of three basic AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) WOD style, functional fitness movements. Alpha is our Bodyweight Division AMRAP


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