Civilian Military Combine (CMC) is the ultimate obstacle course racing and fitness event that’s specifically designed to put endurance and strength athletes on equal footing!  The CMC course is unlike any other mud run, obstacle race, or adventure race available to the public.

Founded in 2011, it is the ONLY obstacle course race on the planet featuring The PIT™, a 5 minute WOD style nonstop cross-training format guaranteed to get your heart pumping and your endorphins flowing.  Your family, friends and fellow racers will cheer you on as you put your strength and stamina to the test. The atmosphere is electrifying! Try it once and you’ll be hooked!  Next up, tackle 25 + military grade obstacles over a course of 5 miles. CMC incorporates new, never-before-seen obstacles in each event! Because the race is release controlled, YOU WON’T BE WAITING ON LINES FOR OBSTACLES!

This unique structure of the strength element: The PIT™ + the endurance element: The Course, is what separates CMC from all other races and competitions. In addition, CMC has been carefully created, refined and reviewed by the top strength and conditioning coaches from the CrossFit community, United States Armed Forces and The Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) World Championship Race Director.

Rest assured, there’s no intimidation here! CMC is made for all fitness levels and ages offering competitors varying degrees of course difficulty so YOU control your race.  Not ready to take on The PIT™ just yet? No worries, go for the “race only” option and tackle The PIT™ next time around.

Promoting a lifestyle of athleticism, patriotism and community, CMC is part strength, part endurance, ALL heart.



The PIT™ is the inspirational start of the race and the adrenaline pumping strength element where each heat of roughly 100 competitors charge into a large area surrounded by cheering fans and motivating music. The structure consists of 3 basic AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) WOD style cross training fitness movements in five minutes such as:  weight-lifting repetitions, kettle-bell exercises, burpees, push presses, etc.  The goal of the competitors is to accumulate as many repetitions as possible.  The exercises are simple, universal movements that all athletes, no matter what sport or fitness background, can relate to.

The PIT™ is designed to be the great equalizer by leveling the playing field between power athletes and endurance runners to determine the best overall conditioned athlete.



Once you conquer The PIT™, prepare to take on our 5+ mile world class obstacle course race featuring 25 + military grade obstacles.  In addition to obstacles such as 12 ft. ladder walls, The BOX (our custom rig), rope climbs, Navy SEAL style (rolling) balance beams, CMC incorporates a handful of new obstacles in each event including The Irish Table, Spin City, Ranger Ropes, and The Flying Monkey (as seen on American Ninja Warrior).

Did we mention there is no waiting on lines for obstacles? Run as an individual, or compete as a team. Compete for awards, or just do it for fun! You will be inspired and motivated every step of the way!



The beauty of CMC is that you, the racer, can determine the degree of difficulty that you want to tackle. From seasoned athletes looking to prove themselves, to first-timers seeking a weekend warrior challenge, you have the freedom to set your own pace and intensity in both The PIT™ and the Course. We also have the “Race Only” option if you feel you’re not quite ready to tackle The PIT™.



Bring the entire family! CMC is designed as an all day event with both adult AND kid friendly activities. Kids can try their own PIT™ experience and then head out on to the one mile CMC KIDS obstacle course!  Mom and Dad, feel free to run alongside and cheer your young recruits on as they tackle our course and earn the coveted CMC medal.


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