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The Assault course is where it all starts. The five minute adrenaline pumping strength element consists of three basic AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) WOD style functional fitness movements that all athletes can relate to. The course is designed to be the great equalizer by leveling the playing field between power athletes and endurance runners to determine the best overall conditioned athlete!


Once you conquer The course, prepare to take on our 5+ mile CMC obstacle course race. Featuring over 25 military grade obstacles, this world class course has been carefully created, refined and reviewed by top strength and conditioning coaches from the CrossFit community and military fitness professionals.


CMC offers our competitors varying degrees of course difficulty, for all levels of athletes so you can feel free to challenge yourself at your own pace. There is no intimidation here! We even offer an obstacle course only option if you want to forgo the course. But fair warning, we know that once you see the electrifying course first hand, you’re gonna wish you went for it!


Bring the entire family! CMC is designed as an all day event with both adult AND kid friendly activities. Kids from 4 and up can try their own course experience and then head on to the one mile CMC KIDS obstacle course! Mom and dad, feel free to run alongside and cheer your young recruits on as they tackle our course and earn the coveted CMC medal.

Reasons why here at CMCRACE believe training outdoors is best! 

We all probably know that exercising provides uncountable benefits on both our mental and physical well being. There is nothing which could ever fill up or replace the benefits that one can attain through a healthy diet plan and scheduled outside exercising routine.  A simple change in your everyday living habits brings numerous changes in your life along with positivity. So, how do you invest in your health and body? Through working out in gyms? Or spending some time doing yoga sessions inside the house? Well, it’s time to forget all these and get out of your house. Take up the spirit and dive into the ultimate experience along with having all the Benefits of outdoor fitness training!

How outdoor practicing does wonders?

Outdoor exercising is also known as “green exercise” which actually combines two of the most refreshing things. One is moving your body and another is getting outdoors. As nowadays, we are totally packed with our busy schedules, we rarely find out enough time to deal with out body requirements. So, whether it’s a youngster, child, adult or old aged people, everyone must get out of their houses and get indulged in some healthy exercises. We got some tips from the Personal training London team about Some of the Benefits of outdoor fitness training include-

  • Enhanced mood– outdoor exercises definitely provide a mental boost which is much higher than what indoor activities does. Through various researches, it has been proved that moving outdoors brings in positivity and refreshing-ness to the brain. It scintillates your hormones and helps you to get rid of some of the stressful conditions you are going through. Moreover, trying out some of the great games or practicing fitness outside is one best way to get connected with the tranquility of nature while leaving all your tensions aside.
  • Low cost- people today generally ride a bike to ride a cycle on gym! Ironically, this is the case with every urban civilian today. People don’t actually realize what their body needs. They just run towards what they see other people doing in their spare times. So instead of going to a gym and wasting huge bucks, you must definitely try to spend an hour or two around the nature. When you get out and relax, you will find out that this is something very healthy and economical at the same time.
  • Improved health and Fitness–  Training outside will improve your fitness levels and cost much less than a gym membership.





Our Favourite Fitness Assault Courses

Assault courses. They’re tough, they’re challenging, and there are some serious feel-good sensations when you complete one. Typically the assault course is designed to test speed, coordination and strength, and you’d find one in the Read more

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