The Benefits of Cycling vs. Running: How Both Enhance the Body

Most people don’t think about the impact that cycling has on their body in comparison to running. While both are great exercise, they do have different impacts for your body. Cycling is a low-impact sport and can be done at varying intensity levels, which makes it an excellent aerobic workout for all ages and abilities. With less pressure on the joints than running, cycling also provides protection from injuries like tendinitis or shin splints. There’s no denying that biking is one of the best ways to get fit!

Running is a high-impact exercise that places pressure on the joints, which makes it challenging for some people. However, running does have its benefits too! Running can strengthen your heart and lungs as well as increase insulin sensitivity in the muscles of the legs to help with blood sugar control. The more you run, the stronger your lower body becomes, and this exercise also helps to sculpt the leg muscles.

Running provides a great cardiovascular workout as well as lower body strength, but it can be hard on your joints over time. If you’re new to exercise or recovering from an injury, cycling is a great way to get started with physical activity — just remember that both running and biking are excellent exercise choices!