What To Do About Soreness From Long Distance Running

It always feels great to join a long-distance marathon as you will feel competitive alongside a bunch of other runners. The winner gets to be recognized so you would want to win the race. However, there is a chance that your body would feel sore from doing all that exercise. This would certainly happen if you haven’t done any exercise for a long time. Here is what to do about soreness from long-distance running when the race is finally over:

Drink Water

There is no doubt you lost a lot of liquid from all that running. That is actually good news because you’ve lost a ton of calories and you’re looking to regain the liquid back. Better do it in the form of water and not drinks with tons of sugar like energy drinks and soda. If you do that, the exercise would have been for nothing. It would be better to do your body a favor by drinking eight glasses of water a day. That number would certainly increase if you exercise a lot.

Eat a Nice Combination of Carbs and Protein

There is a long list of what to eat after long-distance running. When you lost that much weight, you know you will be in the mood for anything that would fill up your tummy. Some nice things to eat would be banana, chocolate milk, and peanut butter bagel. Remember to not eat too fast no matter how hungry you are or you won’t be doing your digestive system any favors. Yes, a well-balanced meal would be the right thing to make your tummy feel great.

Do Stretching for 15 Minutes

It would not be enough to stretch your muscles that got worked out for only a couple of minutes. In fact, the entire stretching routine should last for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Your bones will thank you because you gave it a relief after making it work that much. Long-distance running stretched your thigh, arms, and leg muscles. Hence, better do stretching in those parts. This is one time when you must never hurry because you know you would want to make your bones happy.

Get a Massage

Tell the masseuse what part of your body is aching and the person will already know what to do. Of course, don’t forget to tell here whether you like the massage real rough or the person should just go soft on you. Whatever the case, you know you are going to be so relaxed that you will forget where you are. There is even a possibility that you will fall asleep in the middle of the massage.

Long Distance Running has become popular lately but only join a marathon if you have done enough practice. For example, try running short distance running first so your feet would get used to all that exercise. After a few kilometers, you can do long-distance running without any other runners. Hence, you are going to be ready when the actual marathon happens.

Great Ways to Celebrate a Successful Running Race

Congratulations, you’ve just crossed the finish line of a big race. The months of preparation and training have finally paid off. Celebrating a race positively rewards your actions and keeps you motivated. But when it comes to post-race celebration, you may be stumped for ideas. Well, it depends on your personal preference. Whatever you choose, you should make sure it’s something you find pleasurable. Here are great ways to celebrate a successful running race.

Treat yourself with new running gear

There’re so many things you can buy to add value to your training. It could be a pair of shoes, running watches, vests, tops, headphones, etc. When you buy new running gear, you’ll want to use it for the next race. This will motivate you to keep running.

Going to see your favorite sport

Let’s face it: everyone has their favorite sport. Maybe you’re a rugby fan, or you prefer to watch cricket. It’s time you bring out the energy, get behind your team, and cheer them to victory. If you support a specific football team, then book a ticket to see them.

Play your favorite video game

Which is your favorite video game? Take yourself into the fictional world and let the fingers do the work. Whether you like PlayStation, Nintendo, or Xbox Console, just get the controller in your hand and enjoy your favorite game.

Catch your favorite movie in the theater

How about going to a theater or cinema to watch a movie? This is a great way to reward yourself after putting the miles in. Perhaps, you can make the booking the week leading up to the race.

Book tickets to a concert

Concerts offer some of the happiest moments in life. It’s one of the best celebrations in a runner’s book. There’s something special about seeing your favorite musician, singer, or band perform. During a concert, you’ll find like-minded individuals direct their attention to the stage, dance to the music, and sing along to the lyrics.

Apart from the positive energy, attending a concert helps you see the tunes of the people you love. What lyrics of a musician do you particularly admire? We all love music, so you may want to book something that you admire.

Travel the world

Traveling helps us explore the world and learn about new cultures. If you’re an adventurous person, why not reward yourself with a great trip? You could take a weekend break at the Caribbean Sea or travel across continents. Don’t forget to treat yourself in a spa. And because a great trip starts with planning, you need months of preparation.

Read your favorite book

If you find great pleasure in reading, its time you give yourself a good dose of reading. Learn about the different aspects of life, meet fantastic character creations, and explore strange new worlds. If you like fiction books, there’s bound to be something that can entertain you.

Write about your running experience

Whether it’s a 10k, half or full marathon, there’s a lot of value in writing about your experience. What did you feel before, during, and after the race? Maybe you felt like giving up in the middle, but you pushed through anyway. You may want to research a few suggestions to strengthen your creativity.

You’ve been training hard for the race, so it’s only right that you reward yourself. This is a fantastic way to keep your love for running alive.