Assault courses. They’re tough, they’re challenging, and there are some serious feel-good sensations when you complete one. Typically the assault course is designed to test speed, coordination and strength, and you’d find one in the military.


However, there are a lot of different assault courses to text fitness and other factors, and they serve as a good challenge for anyone who wants to give them a go, Right Path Fitness Suggest having a rest day before the big event to rest up and feel energised for the actual assault course. We’re going to be taking a look at some of the top courses available so that you can experience life when it’s tough and highly physical.


Rough Runner


Located in the UK is the Rough Runner course. Think of it as sort of hybrid between things like Ninja Warrior and Total Wipeout. You can run either 5, 10 or 15km, and experience obstacles which are designed to be similar to those which you might encounter on the shows. It’s a good experience for people to consider, given that it forces you to be able to adapt to a variety of different challenges and terrains on the move.


Reebok Spartan


The UK seems to be big on these kinds of challenges, as the Reebok Spartan has been designed to be one of the most ‘akin to a military experience’ experiences that you’ll ever come across. You’ll spend your day crawling through the mud, under barbed wire, and carrying heavy rucksacks filled with gear. It’s definitely a test of your upper strength as a person, and will really push you to your absolute limits from start to finish. Just remember to bring a clean change of clothes, because the odds are that you’re going to get muddy and knocked around a bit!


Gung Ho


Not every assault course has to be one which has you crawling through mud and dirt. This particular course is a 5k slog which has you bouncing and battling your way through all manner of obstacles which have been designed to be inflatable. Easy, right? Not quite. You’ll still find that there is all manner of challenges to try and undertake, and they’ll positively push your body.


Tough Mudder


We’ve saved the absolute best for last here. Tough Mudder is not for the first time course goer or anyone who’s not at their physical peak. What you’ve got here is a 16km run across all kinds of terrain, including mud, and involves such challenges as electric shocks and a dip in icy water. You’ll find that teamwork is a big part of this, as you’ll have to work together just to make it through.


All in all, these are some of the best fitness assault courses available. They’re all designed to push you to your absolute limit and to make you find a new level of strength within yourself. They range from mildly challenging to absolutely devastating, and there’s something here for even the most capable and hardened individuals. What you choose to attempt is your choice, but they’ll all give you a test of strength and stamina for sure.





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