Can You Bring Your Dog to Watch a Running Race?

Being a pet lover, we are so attached to our dogs that we cannot leave them home alone all the time. Especially when going out for fun or at any public place. But it is not so simple because every dog is familiar with all human activities. And if you are planning to bring your dog to watch a running race than you should be extra careful. Because you know your little or giant creature very well, you should know what their reaction will be when they watch so many strangers, screaming crowds, and running people. Obviously, the first thing that your dog will do is start barking. Continuously, unnecessarily, and some time restlessly barking can spoil your fun or maybe it can irritate you at that time. To avoid such kind of problems, a very useful product called a bark collar is available in market. It will control the unnecessary barking habit of your dog.

What is bark collar and How it Works

Although it is not a one day practice to control the unnecessary barking of your dog by using a bark collar, long-term practice can make a dog perfect too. It is a specific training type of collar to control the unnecessary barking behavior of your dog. It is worn by a dog and in simple words it makes your dog realize that the barking is not required right now. You don’t have to use this on your dog for 24 hours, but it is necessary that your dog should be trained for this.

The next question that will come to your mind is how it works or is it safe for your loving pet or not. Then the answer is definitely it is safe depending upon which type of bark collar you are using for your dog.

Types of bark collars

The type of collar itself explain its function.

Electronic Bark Collars

Electronic bark collars detect the vibration of vocal cord as your dog barks, and delivers a low-level shock to the neck of your dog. Obviously, it is inhumane if used improperly and can be considered animal abuse, that’s why is not recommended for people who aren’t willing to learn the right way to use them. Also it has some drawbacks that the sensor that detects the vibration can punish your dog when it detects vibrations from scratching, rolling etc., so you’ll have to make sure to find one that is designed better than that.

Citronella Bark Collars

This type of collar equipped with a sensitive microphone sensor that identifies the barking frequency of dog and releases plant-based citronella fragrance in the air that makes your dog unhappy for a while. It is a safe and effective way to train your dog for a specific behavior when used in proper guidance. Some of the dog collars of this type is available with dual fragrance such that a pleasant fragrance as the reward for good behavior and another bad to punish and train depends upon the catching capability of the dog.

Ultrasonic Bark collars

Ultrasonic bark collars are also available that use microphone sensors like the previous style but instead of releasing any fragrance it will produce a high- pitched sound for a short period of time, which is very irritating to dogs. Make sure that the collar is of the best quality with a sensitive microphone so that the barking of other dogs may not activate its sensors.

If you give proper training and you are able to set up a strong bond with your pet then you can take him anywhere.